Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team Up Thursday

It was my turn to chose the word for this week:


I knew exactly what photo i wanted to take - so I did this on Sunday and emailed it to Cat that evening.   Her reply to me on Monday was that she had taken a very similar photo and now didn't feel that she could use it.  I simply replied that no, we must use it.  It just shows how two people, who have never met and live miles away from each other - can still be very in tune to one other - I am still amazed that I have found such incredible friends here in blogland.
Anyway, back to this week's photos:


When Shayne suggested "Commitment" as our theme this week I immediatley knew exactly which picture I wanted to take. I have seen a similar one on a wedding photographer's website. So I set off to make it happen - first with natural light backlit - it worked, but the contrast was too little. Then I tried with a flash - which gave me double and vague shadows. At the end I got a very "primitive" solution to getting the hearts just perfect - backlit at night with a reading lamp and taken with a steady hand and no flash. Believe me, I really worked for this one.

And mine:

My choice for this weeks theme was the word Commitment.  The reason for this is that today, 1 July 2010 is my 4th Wedding Anniversary.  Soppy i know, but there you have it.  4 years ago today I said 'i do' to my darling husband.  A man of not many words, but of great love, wisdom and care.  He has enriched my life in so many ways and for this I am eternally grateful.  I love him more than words can say.  Happy Anniversary dear xoxo

Don't forget to pop over to our fellow TUT's to see what they've served up (can you tell i've been watching too much tennis?). 


Andrea said...

Hi Shayne, as I said to Cat, if you look through all the teams this week you will be AMAZED at how all our photos are very similar to our partners - I think it shows people who think alike and that is what makes great friendships. I LOVE both your photos and love the way the different lighting affects the same image so much.
Thanks for sharing.

cat said...

Ai, we did good! Great minds hey!

Stefanie said...

Both beautiful photos.
Well done.
Great topic too.

Kerstin said...

WOW Shayne - great minds think alike - LOL and its exactly like with Marcelle and me - two times now she sent her photo to me and I had a very similar one and decided not to use it - but why not? If we think alike it only shows we are good team player isn't it?
LOVE LOVE LOVE both photos - perfect and BRILLIANT.
For whatever reason your comment on my blog is lost! I read it yesterday and now I cannot see it again... I didn't delete it - just wanted to let you know this :)