Thursday, July 29, 2010

Team Up Thursday

This week I chose the theme - Wood:

First up is Cat

Wood. What to do with Shayne's theme of wood. I had all these texture type pictures in mind with bark etc, or a wooden cross, and then I just snapped this one at the front door almost by chance. And it's proven to be the winner for the theme. I like the line s in it - and the roundness being ecchoed

How stunning is this pic? Pretty darn good for 'just being snapped'!

And mine:

Choosing a theme from last weeks photo's wasn't easy - there wasn't much to go on.  So i settled on wood (from the fence that Cat's son was climbing).  I thought it would be easy to get a pic of wood - not so much!  However, I spotted this tree on our way back from St Francis and got hubbie to stop so that i could take a few pics.  I took some in colour, and then also about 4 in B&W.  I thought the B&W one would be the breath-taking on, but no - the colour one is.  I'm sure if i had to photoshop the B&W they would be quite remarkable, but no fiddling allowed.  I do love  this tho as it showcases perfectly the stark beauty of the Eastern Cape right now.  We are still experiencin a severe drought, so not green green - but rolling hills abound and nothing for miles.  How blessed I am to be able to live in this beautiful part of South Africa.

Thanks for looking!


tania said...

wow! the themes you guys come up with!! great photos shayne. you did great!

cat said...

Great picture girl - you do live in a very beautiful part of the country.

Helen Tilbury said...

Oooh I likey likey! Very picturesque where you are - hope the temps are on the up! Cat your pic is cool...

Kerstin said...

as mentioned on Cat's blog: Well done "dreamteam" - love wood in each way - I am a little "addicted" to wood - maybe its because its so "natural"...
Love both photos and think "wood" is a theme for Marcelle and me :)
Ladies - you're BRILLIANT!