Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 26 to end

Can you believe the end of January is here already - where has this month gone?  Tomorrow brings with it a new month, the last month of summer and a busy month of birthday's for me!

Here are my pics for Jan 26-31:

Little Mangalisa who is now 6 months old and is trying very hard to crawl
My little munchkin
Our little family of Guinnea Fowls
A trial run for a possible wedding order
The Party Table (every from PEP I might just add - but don't tell anyone i shop there see?)
My purchase today from Designer Digitals.
And that is that.  Thanks for journeying through the month of January with me. I hope you enjoyed looking as much as i enjoyed choosing and editing them.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 23-25

More photos ....

Am really having such fun with these and am capturing moments that really touch my heart, in one way or another.

Herewith Jan 23 to 25:

 My littlest and her friend Kate - aren't the colours just divine?  And the looks on their faces? Naughtiness personified!

A cuddle on the couch with dad and tigger.

Are you able to resist these?  Some of my new creations - so so pretty!

Today I plan on actually putting these into an album.  Bought a 400 photo album @ Clicks last week - will just recover to suit my taste and there you go.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 16-22

I've decided to simplify my daily pics further - i'm just spending way too long editing and pfaffing around with them!  I found an album that holds 400 10x15 pics, so that is what i'm going to use to house these.  Unfortunately I had resized them all to 6x4" which is bigger than 10x15cm so i've spent the evening resizing them all - what a pain!

Here are Jan 16-20:

Goosy Lucy & I

My daughter the slippy slide surfer

The just opening bud

In full bloom (taken in the evening after the rain) - Gorgeous isn't it?

My contribution to the F2F Yellow Challenge

My current collection of frangrances

 Thanks for looking and have a super weekend!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Digi Dabbling

Up until very recently (as in the last couple of days) my scrapping in Digi has been very limited and not great at all.  I haven't had the tools to create what I feel is 'me' and i had this idea 'that i couldn't do it'.

Well, you know what?  I can!

I've slowly been adding to my digi stash - thanks to the 25 Days of Christmas (during Dec) and Thrifty Thursdays (weekly) that Designer Digitals have.  I don't have a major amount of goodies, but enough to have created these 3 LO's.

I'm quite impressed with myself (actually VERY) ;)

My Life

Supplies Used:  KPertiet Notebook Blocks Template No 6; 
Carrie Stephens Paper (a freebie from where I have no idea),

Love You (a love letter)
Supplies Used:  KPertiet Notebook Blocks Template No 6 (modified somewhat); 
KLewis Refreshing The Souls Papers;
Ali Edwards Love Outline Brushes;
KPertiet Clipped Stacks No 2 

 Snapshots of Christmas 2009

Supplies Used:  CZieske Layered Template No19; 
KPertiet Classic Embossed Christmas Cardstock, 
KPertiet Buttoned Up Holiday;
KPertiet Border Diecuts No 2;
KLewis Refreshing The Souls Messy Stitching Border;
Ali Edwards Christmas Twill;
MTerasawa Jolly Friends Paper & Stickers

All of the above supplies are available from Designer Digitals, apart from the Karen Lewis 'Refreshing the Soul Pack', which is available from The Digichick Shop.

Now I just have to work out how to print them/store them. Right now my thinking is printing them 6x6 or 8x8 as it's easier (i can do it) but we'll see.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 10-15

My last week in pictures.  Really loving this.  Catching some pics i wouldn't ordinarily think to snap and also trying to move away from the 'expected' and standard pics - ie first day of school - how many of them I already have i'm not sure.

So here we go 11-15 Jan:

My littlest and my nanny's niece, Elam, who sadly passed away last week.  This photo was taken in July 2009 when we were visiting Cape Town.  Elam and my littlest played and played and played for hours - my littlest was very very sad about her passing but took some relief from the fact that Elam would be in heaven, with Jesus and playing with the Angels.  RIP Lolly xxxx

The start of the tour through my veggie patch (which is a complete shambles!).  Here we have the beginnings of a pumpkin - and also a whack of flowers that i think I may have to coat in batter and deep fry - apparently they're delish!

Believe it or not - there are mielies growing here!  Plus a few
weeds with gorgeous purple flowers!

Blackberries too - i'm hoping to harvest some of these before the birds get to them and make somejam

Lunch on Thurs as requested by O - she ate this mielie with such gusto!

Our darling sheep dog Maxi in her fav spot in the garden

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 7-10

My problem with the photo a day is that i take too many pics on one day and then none the next.  So i'm splitting them up to cover the days I don't take.

Jan 7-10


This is the house that we visited in the Winterberg.  It is so absolutely beautiful.  I fell in love immediately.  The garden is what i can only dream mine will one day look like.  The house was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and in 5 years time will be considered a national monument.  I feel quite honoured to have visited this home.

 My friend Angie took this photo of my gorgeous eldest daughter and I - I'm amazed at how blue both our sets of eyes look.

This photo I took yesterday at Meggie's 2nd birthday party.  She is such an adorable little girl, someone who at only 2 will come up to you and hug you and you can just see how soft her little heart is.  Isn't she beautiful?

And finally, this one taken this morning after my girls decided to make parachutes from serviettes, pegs and string.  The wind was blowing a gale and they just couldn't get the parachute to open and fly.  It was hilarious watching them and i managed to snap my littlest in action.

And finally, today I'm thankful for:
  • my darling DH, who bought and installed new memory into my laptop which now means I whizz around and don't get hanging screeens whilst working in Photoshop;
  • my friend Karen and her hubby - they are friends I value greatly
  • being able to tuck my dress up into my broekies and play on the first couple of steps in the pool with my littlest, without giving a toss what the other mom's at the party thought about me!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 6

I know I said that I was going to do this weekly from now on, but I couldn't wait to share this gorgeous photo I took yesterday evening.

We were on our way back from visiting friends in the Winterberg - a farming area about 3 hours south-west (i think) from us.  As some of the area is situated within a Conservancy there are a couple of booms we needed to go through, so my eldest and her friend took on the job of pressing the button to raise the boom.  What i really wanted was a pic of the two of them pressing the button (and the delight on their faces) but i just carried on snapping and this is the shot i LOVE.  Everything about it is incredible.  The contrast of the colours (it was 7.14pm btw), the aridness of the land (severe drought area), the slight pinkiness to the thunder clouds above, as the sun was setting, the wonder on their faces as they look up to the beam.  Everything.  My fav photo of the moment!

Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Days 4-5

Herewith my days 4 & 5.  I think i may just post this weekly - may just be easier.  Am not totally happy with 'the look' of these two photos - but they are what i wanted to capture for the last 2 days.

Monday 4th January - covering school books (first time she's done it and she did a fab job).

Tuesday 5th Jan - the Christmas decorations have been packed away till next year - i hate taking them down.

Hope those of you who are doing this are having as much fun as I am - remember you don't have to do the scrappy thing - just take the photo's, date them, print them out and stick them in an album.  So simple and you have memories you wouldn't ordinarily have.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365

I had such fun doing my Dec Daily, and felt rather lost when it came to an end, so I decided to do Project 365.  Who knows if i'll have the energy/motivation to continue throughout the year, but I shall certainly give it my best shot.

So, here are the first shots of 2010 in my little family's life:

01 - 03 Jan:

My OLW for 2010 : Patience

Our morning @ the beach yesterday

Lunch @ The Mud Hutters in Morgan Bay

Same very simple and effective layout I used for my December Daily, utilising all of Ali Edwards overlays/numbers/dates and phrases available through Designer Digitals.

Thanks for looking.