Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 7-10

My problem with the photo a day is that i take too many pics on one day and then none the next.  So i'm splitting them up to cover the days I don't take.

Jan 7-10


This is the house that we visited in the Winterberg.  It is so absolutely beautiful.  I fell in love immediately.  The garden is what i can only dream mine will one day look like.  The house was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and in 5 years time will be considered a national monument.  I feel quite honoured to have visited this home.

 My friend Angie took this photo of my gorgeous eldest daughter and I - I'm amazed at how blue both our sets of eyes look.

This photo I took yesterday at Meggie's 2nd birthday party.  She is such an adorable little girl, someone who at only 2 will come up to you and hug you and you can just see how soft her little heart is.  Isn't she beautiful?

And finally, this one taken this morning after my girls decided to make parachutes from serviettes, pegs and string.  The wind was blowing a gale and they just couldn't get the parachute to open and fly.  It was hilarious watching them and i managed to snap my littlest in action.

And finally, today I'm thankful for:
  • my darling DH, who bought and installed new memory into my laptop which now means I whizz around and don't get hanging screeens whilst working in Photoshop;
  • my friend Karen and her hubby - they are friends I value greatly
  • being able to tuck my dress up into my broekies and play on the first couple of steps in the pool with my littlest, without giving a toss what the other mom's at the party thought about me!
Thanks for looking!


Lynette said...

Oh these are so gorgeous.

I haven't even started yet:(

Stefanie said...

I love the parachute pic...would love the dress tucked into broekies too tho am sure...luckily I have a great imagination!

I am just going to buy a photo album and just slide the photos in like that...with all info that's needed being photoshopped on them already.

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous house. i want to live there.

I'm so not a blogger said...

I think you have a very good eye with the camera and i hope you manage to go on that course. I can just imagine what you will get up to then.
Love the photo of O, you have captured the moment perfectly and that house, i could live there:-)

tania said...

shayne,these are the cutest, sweetest most adorable photos!!