Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Few Days

I feel quite sad that my Dec daily is coming to an end!  I would quite happily continue as I'm loving using Ali's overlays and all the other goodies I've downloaded from Designer Digitals.

Anyhow - here are my days 23-26:

My sister behaving just like a little kid - isn't that what holidays are for?

 Christmas Eve - the stockings are hung, the food out for Father Christmas and the tree finally has some pressies underneath it!

Christmas Day - My darling brother did a fine job as Father Christmas

And i thought this photo the perfect ending to my album - my gorgeous little niece who I completely fell in love with this last week. She has completely tugged at my heartstrings and I shall miss her dearly.

And as they say in the shows - that's all folks!

Thank you for taking this journey through December with me.  I hope you enjoyed every minute as much as I did.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily 20-22

The last few days have been quite chaotic, but today i sat down and for the FIRST time in who knows how long, I did nothing.  Just sat and chatted to my sister, watched the girls play and just chilled.  And I even had a nap this arvi!

Here are my days Dec 20 - 22:

This is all she wants to do at the moment, swim, swim, swim.

My absolutely adorable niece, who I could just gobble up.

My littlest and her fav friend playing in my muddy flower beds (at 7pm last night - that's how hot it was here!)

All the girls in bed this morning - how I love each of them so very much.

Hope you're all having a wonderful break - can you believe it's 2 day's till Christmas?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec Daily

The last couple of days captured in film:

My eldest & I made our own Christmas Crackers on Friday, with the help of Woolies.

This gorgeous bunch of flowers from my DH

My new baby, which was delivered on Saturday

We also attended a Pantomine on Sat arvi 'Snow White & the Seven Dofs' and i'll just pop the tickets and programme into an envelope and stick them into the album.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec Daily 10-17

I'm struggling to keep up with this on a daily basis, but am not going to beat myself up about it.  If I don't have a photo for the day, then I shall just use a journaling block and write down my thoughts for the day.

Herewith days 10-17:

My girls both decided to have their ears pierced and luckily our darling jeweller had his camera handy

My first order for a new Coffee/Decor/Gift shop opening in the dorp next to me (the green writing says 'from my kitchen' and is an Ali download called In the Kitchen3)

My littlest, in the mess we call her bedroom, after her afternoon nap

The beginning of my Christmas decorating.

DH chopping down & carrying our chosen Christmas Tree

The decorating and my eldest putting the Angel on top

Just love this to bits!

General outside play on this very hot day today

Thanks for looking.

Oh, btw, my album is coming along really well.  Some days I journal a whack, others not.  For me it's the simplicity of this project that i'm loving.  I don't feel the need to record every moment of every day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec Daily 1-8

This is the first time I have done a December Daily. I tried last year, but with being away and being completely unorganised I just didn't get it right.

This year I have decided to go super simple.  I am using Ali Edwards December Daily Overlays, together with her Holiday Word Art, Holiday Phrases, From the Kitchen 1,2 & 3 and also some of Katie Pertiet's gorgeous goodies.

I bought a few canvas 6x6 albums some time back and haven't had the opportunity to use them.  I thought this was the perfect time.  They are covered in a cream/red floral pattern and will work well, i think.  I'm going to print all my photo's (once overlayed etc) 5.5" x 4" which will leave just a small space for the journalling.  This should work fine as I don't think I need to journal everything that happens every day in Dec. I'll just capture the essence of the photograph.  One photo, 2 lines of journaling and perhaps some embellishments added once the photo has been printed and pasted onto a 6"x 6" cardstock.

Here are my photographs for Dec 1 - 7:







Day 8 i've simply printed out December 8 Daily Overlay onto cream cardstock and will journal what I did today (not much apart from scrapping, catching up on my sleep as i'm suffering seriously from insomnia at the moment and worrying if i've chosen the right colour paint for my house!).

If you have any questions i'll help where i can.

Oh, btw, all the Ali Edwards & Katie Pertiet goodies are available from Designer Digitals.

Thanks for looking.