Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily 20-22

The last few days have been quite chaotic, but today i sat down and for the FIRST time in who knows how long, I did nothing.  Just sat and chatted to my sister, watched the girls play and just chilled.  And I even had a nap this arvi!

Here are my days Dec 20 - 22:

This is all she wants to do at the moment, swim, swim, swim.

My absolutely adorable niece, who I could just gobble up.

My littlest and her fav friend playing in my muddy flower beds (at 7pm last night - that's how hot it was here!)

All the girls in bed this morning - how I love each of them so very much.

Hope you're all having a wonderful break - can you believe it's 2 day's till Christmas?


Anonymous said...

you are capturing moments fantastically. very precious photos. very clever photographer.

Helen Tilbury said...

Great photos Shayne - full of personality!

Sophia said...

Super cute photos...