Thursday, July 29, 2010

Team Up Thursday

This week I chose the theme - Wood:

First up is Cat

Wood. What to do with Shayne's theme of wood. I had all these texture type pictures in mind with bark etc, or a wooden cross, and then I just snapped this one at the front door almost by chance. And it's proven to be the winner for the theme. I like the line s in it - and the roundness being ecchoed

How stunning is this pic? Pretty darn good for 'just being snapped'!

And mine:

Choosing a theme from last weeks photo's wasn't easy - there wasn't much to go on.  So i settled on wood (from the fence that Cat's son was climbing).  I thought it would be easy to get a pic of wood - not so much!  However, I spotted this tree on our way back from St Francis and got hubbie to stop so that i could take a few pics.  I took some in colour, and then also about 4 in B&W.  I thought the B&W one would be the breath-taking on, but no - the colour one is.  I'm sure if i had to photoshop the B&W they would be quite remarkable, but no fiddling allowed.  I do love  this tho as it showcases perfectly the stark beauty of the Eastern Cape right now.  We are still experiencin a severe drought, so not green green - but rolling hills abound and nothing for miles.  How blessed I am to be able to live in this beautiful part of South Africa.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 19 - 26

So ontop of this now - am completely up to date - yay me!

My last week in pictures:

Lunch in Port Alfred
The jetty @ Royal Wharf
Love this one
3 Fat Fish Restaurant -J'Bay
Really love my ring
Tigger 1st Birthday Cake
Roses are my favourite
Imana Wild Ride 2010

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Cat's turn to choose the theme this week - Jeans she chose:

I randomly chose "Jeans" from Shayne's picture of last week - it was the first thing that came to my mind. So this weekend I had to make some jean oppertunities and this one came out best. Little man C in his cute balck jeans. I love to take these "non-portrait" portraits - a bit of someone that show their personality

How gorgeous is her photo?  I just love those little feet in those grown up boots!

And mine:
This week's theme, Jeans threw me somewhat.  What on earth would i photograph - certainly not me in my jeans that is for sure!  So i had to make do with what i had - and here it is.  The stack of jeans in my wardrobe.  Prob about 10 pairs of so, but I have my fav 3 that i wear again and again.  And i fold them becoz they take too much space in my hanging wardrobe.  Is that weird?

Thanks for looking and don't forget to pop over and see what the other Teams have been up to:

Happy snapping!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 12 - 18

Been on the ball this week and am completely up to date (yay me!):

If you look very closely you can see the falling snow :)
We had a very severe frost on Tues - temps of minus degrees
 New Hair
Lunch on Thursday
Love my takkies/pumps
 Kim & I at Lavender Blue
 Tastywheat with condensed milk - yucky - but DH & D love it.

And that my friends was my week in pictures.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team Up Thursday

 This week it was my turn to decide on the theme - and I decided on Blue.  Taken from the blue of the books in my photo last week, and knowing full well that Cat was spending the weekend in CT and would come back armed with 'blue' photos.  And she did not disappoint!


When Shayne came up with the theme Blue for this week,   I was absolutely delighted.  What better a theme for Cape Town, where I was spending an extended weekend.  I literally have about 50 pictures I can use, but this one won because I love how the reds make the blues look even more vibrantly blue.  This is a fishing boat in the Hout Bay Harbour - take on Friday morning on a cold and breezy morning walk.

Thanks Cat - i simply love this.  Love the stripes, the 'patch' paint job that has been done to keep this boat looking good, but most of all the angle of this pic - you go girl!  I love being your partner as I know we 'challenge' each other so well with this project.

And me:

Compared to Cat's pic - mine is fairly normal.  I took it last week when we visited our local Lion Park.  After feeding all the animals the kids hit the play area, and i just sat on the grass and snapped away.  I'm slowly learning to use settings other than 'auto' and also that taking photos in the early morning and early evening are definately ones with more 'feel' to them.  I just love how the light from the setting sun is catching my daughters face, clothes and her hair.  everything seems to be bathing in golden light and it is just so soft.  Of course, the absolute look of joy on her face just tugs at my heart!

Thanks for looking and please head over to view the other TUT teams:

Happy snapping!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 1 - 11

So behind again - do any of you other Proj 365 participants find yourself battling to stay ontop of the daily photo thing?

Here goes:

Two flower beads in honour of our 4th Anniversary
Back home after a week away with Ma & Grandad
Love this pic taken on our walk
Amber & Daniella at the Airport
Lee loafing on the Couch
Carrot Cake Cupcake
 Playing with wedding cake ideas
Greedy Goat
 Tea for Two
 Lunch @ Thomas River

Thanks for looking and have a good week.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Team Up Thursday

This weeks theme chosen by Cat, is Books.  She chose this theme by picking up on an element from last week's photo's - we both used the Bible, therefore it was Books.

Shayne and I decided to derive our theme for the next week from the other person's picture of the previous week. So from Shayne's picture of last week, I chose "Books" as a theme. We are a family of readers - we literally drown in books and we all love it. This is a picture of our much use (or abused) board books, possibly in their final year in our home. As the Boys are moving towards 3 they are more and more careful with books and interested in other types.

When Cat told me the theme for this week I immediately had a picture in my head (you know those!) and I just have to say that I love how this turned out.  Remember the Reader's Digest Condensed Books - well we have a ton of them and i thought they would be perfect for this picture. And it worked well - i think.  The age of the books is apparent from the colour of the pages and it just blends so well with the colour of the piano and the blue of the spines.  

Just to tell you all - Cat and I have made a decision to use 'un-altered' photos for our TUT.  It is so easy to manipulate a photo to the way you would like them to look, but not always so easy to take that pic. 

Please pop over to the other participants in Team Up Thursday to see their pics!  

Marcelle and Kerstin

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 13 - July 2

So am very behind in posting my POTD but here goes.  Day's missing are journal or 'bits of stuff' days.  Enjoy :)

If she could climb trees all day she would
Still very cautious around each other
We had such fun in the snow
Love this pic of the Crab Apple Tree
My new kitchen Chandelier
Weird 'artwork' outside Rhodes University
I really do have a weakness for crumpets & cream - my breakfast of choice for Father's Day
When on farm - travel on back of bakkie
My baby recovering from her operation
I was very impressed by these beaded Soccer Figurines in EL
Beautiful Cupcakes
Our road
Scribbles on the chalkboard
Pretty in Pink?

Thanks for looking :)