Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team Up Thursday

 This week it was my turn to decide on the theme - and I decided on Blue.  Taken from the blue of the books in my photo last week, and knowing full well that Cat was spending the weekend in CT and would come back armed with 'blue' photos.  And she did not disappoint!


When Shayne came up with the theme Blue for this week,   I was absolutely delighted.  What better a theme for Cape Town, where I was spending an extended weekend.  I literally have about 50 pictures I can use, but this one won because I love how the reds make the blues look even more vibrantly blue.  This is a fishing boat in the Hout Bay Harbour - take on Friday morning on a cold and breezy morning walk.

Thanks Cat - i simply love this.  Love the stripes, the 'patch' paint job that has been done to keep this boat looking good, but most of all the angle of this pic - you go girl!  I love being your partner as I know we 'challenge' each other so well with this project.

And me:

Compared to Cat's pic - mine is fairly normal.  I took it last week when we visited our local Lion Park.  After feeding all the animals the kids hit the play area, and i just sat on the grass and snapped away.  I'm slowly learning to use settings other than 'auto' and also that taking photos in the early morning and early evening are definately ones with more 'feel' to them.  I just love how the light from the setting sun is catching my daughters face, clothes and her hair.  everything seems to be bathing in golden light and it is just so soft.  Of course, the absolute look of joy on her face just tugs at my heart!

Thanks for looking and please head over to view the other TUT teams:

Happy snapping!


Andrea said...

I think your shot is WONDERFUL Shayne, could have also been used for a theme called "joy" or "delight", she looks so so happy. Wonderful capture xxx

Kerstin said...

Shayne - what a wonderful - normal - not arranged - so full of life - photo you captured! I love it - makes me smile how "simple" you can enjoy kiddies......
Brilliant shot - soooo living....

Stefanie said...

I totally agree that golden light is beautiful, your gorgeous joyful daughter would make even an overcast day seem sweet.

karin said...

i lately love the colour blue, well captured

Lynette said...

Love the golden light on O's face.