Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 1 - 11

So behind again - do any of you other Proj 365 participants find yourself battling to stay ontop of the daily photo thing?

Here goes:

Two flower beads in honour of our 4th Anniversary
Back home after a week away with Ma & Grandad
Love this pic taken on our walk
Amber & Daniella at the Airport
Lee loafing on the Couch
Carrot Cake Cupcake
 Playing with wedding cake ideas
Greedy Goat
 Tea for Two
 Lunch @ Thomas River

Thanks for looking and have a good week.


Lanadene said...

What gorgeous pics! I love the Thomas River one the most! Looks like you and Lee had a great time together! L xoxo

Helen Tilbury said...

Your photos are lovely - & because you add the text & the template layer as well they take you longer. I think, much as I can't bear to support BH {she NEVER includes out of US in her giveaways but is stinkin' rich enough to pay postage!} we may have to succumb & buy the PL kit - 'cos my NZ pals using the album are keeping up easily cos they plop the photos in & just hand journal directly onto the pre-provided tags. If you decide to order a PL kit for next year am happy to join you if the price is right...

Lynette said...

Lovely photos Shayne, I never would have believed that you were struggling to keep up with are doing it so perfectly.

I'm so not a blogger said...

love the photos of lee loafing and the last one of lunch at thomas river. such capturing moment pics.