Thursday, July 22, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Cat's turn to choose the theme this week - Jeans she chose:

I randomly chose "Jeans" from Shayne's picture of last week - it was the first thing that came to my mind. So this weekend I had to make some jean oppertunities and this one came out best. Little man C in his cute balck jeans. I love to take these "non-portrait" portraits - a bit of someone that show their personality

How gorgeous is her photo?  I just love those little feet in those grown up boots!

And mine:
This week's theme, Jeans threw me somewhat.  What on earth would i photograph - certainly not me in my jeans that is for sure!  So i had to make do with what i had - and here it is.  The stack of jeans in my wardrobe.  Prob about 10 pairs of so, but I have my fav 3 that i wear again and again.  And i fold them becoz they take too much space in my hanging wardrobe.  Is that weird?

Thanks for looking and don't forget to pop over and see what the other Teams have been up to:

Happy snapping!


cat said...

I really really love your picture - I think it is the best one this year.

tania said...

like them both! and yes, very well taken. the topic sure was something to think about it, but success!!

Lynette said...

Great photos...both of you. These challenges are so fun.


Kerstin said...

Shayne - I simply love your photo - soooo "jeans" - great - want to jump in it (but at the moment its way too hot for them - but it might cool down as there is a thunderstorm on the way - with hail....)
I love the different colours of your (?) Jeans-collection :)
Have a great day and see you soon.
BTW thanks for popping by each week and for your lovely comments :) Love the "TUT" family

Andrea said...

Really cool theme....both shots are great :0)

Stefanie said...

You have such a great ability to think out of the box.
Well done.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, I did have an awesome day. Trust your's was blessed too?

Helen Tilbury said...

LOL I would definitely not want one of me in my jeans with this big butt of mine, & jeans is all I wear, day in day out! I hang mine but at this new place I get 2 wardrobes so plenty enough space for me! DH folds his but only has a coupla pairs. 10 is a lot! I have 5 & wear the same 3 over & over again. I like your interesting cropped shot!