Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 10-15

My last week in pictures.  Really loving this.  Catching some pics i wouldn't ordinarily think to snap and also trying to move away from the 'expected' and standard pics - ie first day of school - how many of them I already have i'm not sure.

So here we go 11-15 Jan:

My littlest and my nanny's niece, Elam, who sadly passed away last week.  This photo was taken in July 2009 when we were visiting Cape Town.  Elam and my littlest played and played and played for hours - my littlest was very very sad about her passing but took some relief from the fact that Elam would be in heaven, with Jesus and playing with the Angels.  RIP Lolly xxxx

The start of the tour through my veggie patch (which is a complete shambles!).  Here we have the beginnings of a pumpkin - and also a whack of flowers that i think I may have to coat in batter and deep fry - apparently they're delish!

Believe it or not - there are mielies growing here!  Plus a few
weeds with gorgeous purple flowers!

Blackberries too - i'm hoping to harvest some of these before the birds get to them and make somejam

Lunch on Thurs as requested by O - she ate this mielie with such gusto!

Our darling sheep dog Maxi in her fav spot in the garden

Thanks for looking!


Tamara said...

your veggie patch is looking brilliant! So rewarding to grow your own. I have our lovely white pumpkins too ;-)

Laura said...

How sad about that little girl :(

Your berries look awesome - well done :)

Marcelle said...

Great photo's, love the way you presented them.

Marcelle said...

Wanted to ask this in a separate comment...what was wrong with the little girl that she passed away so young.

Stefanie said...

lovely post.
Great shots, all of them.
I am enjoying the different pics I am taking too.

Anonymous said...

RIP Lolly x x x x

So was the mielie from your garden ? and the idea of eating the flowers sounds yum. You are so talented Shayne. x x x x

Lynette said...

Gorgeous Shayne....I love this...wish I started it earlier though.