Monday, January 18, 2010

Digi Dabbling

Up until very recently (as in the last couple of days) my scrapping in Digi has been very limited and not great at all.  I haven't had the tools to create what I feel is 'me' and i had this idea 'that i couldn't do it'.

Well, you know what?  I can!

I've slowly been adding to my digi stash - thanks to the 25 Days of Christmas (during Dec) and Thrifty Thursdays (weekly) that Designer Digitals have.  I don't have a major amount of goodies, but enough to have created these 3 LO's.

I'm quite impressed with myself (actually VERY) ;)

My Life

Supplies Used:  KPertiet Notebook Blocks Template No 6; 
Carrie Stephens Paper (a freebie from where I have no idea),

Love You (a love letter)
Supplies Used:  KPertiet Notebook Blocks Template No 6 (modified somewhat); 
KLewis Refreshing The Souls Papers;
Ali Edwards Love Outline Brushes;
KPertiet Clipped Stacks No 2 

 Snapshots of Christmas 2009

Supplies Used:  CZieske Layered Template No19; 
KPertiet Classic Embossed Christmas Cardstock, 
KPertiet Buttoned Up Holiday;
KPertiet Border Diecuts No 2;
KLewis Refreshing The Souls Messy Stitching Border;
Ali Edwards Christmas Twill;
MTerasawa Jolly Friends Paper & Stickers

All of the above supplies are available from Designer Digitals, apart from the Karen Lewis 'Refreshing the Soul Pack', which is available from The Digichick Shop.

Now I just have to work out how to print them/store them. Right now my thinking is printing them 6x6 or 8x8 as it's easier (i can do it) but we'll see.

Thanks for looking!


I'm so not a blogger said...

these are lovely, shayne, well done!

Lynette said...

Wow...amazing my friend.