Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 26 to end

Can you believe the end of January is here already - where has this month gone?  Tomorrow brings with it a new month, the last month of summer and a busy month of birthday's for me!

Here are my pics for Jan 26-31:

Little Mangalisa who is now 6 months old and is trying very hard to crawl
My little munchkin
Our little family of Guinnea Fowls
A trial run for a possible wedding order
The Party Table (every from PEP I might just add - but don't tell anyone i shop there see?)
My purchase today from Designer Digitals.
And that is that.  Thanks for journeying through the month of January with me. I hope you enjoyed looking as much as i enjoyed choosing and editing them.


Stefanie said...

Love the job you're doing.
You continue to inspire me as well.

Laura said...

Love the cupcake and the party decor :)

Lynette said...

You did so well...hoping to get mine done and dusted this weekend while Kobus and the boys are away for a weekend of golf.