Thursday, June 24, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Cat's challenge this week - the word she chose is Balance.

Here is her take - exactly the sort of picture i wanted.  Don't you just love it?

I had so many other ideas in mind when I chose "balance" as a theme - the princess balancing on one of the garden hedges like she often does, or trying to do a yoga pose. When I just stumbled on this one, impromptu happening on the patio, I decided to snap it. Little man C decided that puzzle boxes make great towers. Balancing them is hard hard work.

Here is mine:

I had a few options to use for this theme and I just couldn't decide.  So settled on this.  Very literal interpretation of the word.  But let me explain nontheless.  I could not resist buying this little 'Gardening Angel' from my favourite gift shop in our little dorpie (town).  But golly, she just does not hang.  No matter what I do she falls down.  I don't think there is an distribution of weight.  So i finally decided to put her in this flower pot - but she is very precariously balanced.  The slightest breath of wind and boom, down she goes.  But i refuse to give in and this is where she is going to stay!

Please pop over to the other participants in Team Up Thursday to see their pics!  

Marcelle and Kerstin

Thanks for looking!


cat said...

Oh that angel is cute - I love the balance in the picture too.

Kerstin said...

LOL - now I understand your thinking of balance - great interpreatation. Love this little garden angel - makes me smile - and maybe it knew exacly it will be chosen one day for a special "project"
Nice story behind - loved it to read

Andrea said...

am really enjoying taking part in the TUT and can see you and Cat are aswell - great intepretations of the theme, such a fun one!