Thursday, June 3, 2010

Team Up Thursday

As this is my 'creative space' as such, i have decided to post Team Up Thursday's here.  And of course, it is not private, so anyone can have a peek.

Cat's first:

When Shayne decided on "happy" as a theme I had a very specific picture in mind involving 3 kids, a bubble machine and sunlight. The weather this weekend had other plans though and it was grey and raining. So, this one from The Lil Miss' sports day early in May immediately came to mind. Their team had just won the teddy-bear relay and I captured this spontaneous moment. To me, it's just happy.

Mine next:

When I decided on Happy I thought that the pic would definately include children and laughter.  But my mood has been grey, thanks to my headache, so no such luck.  Instead I have used this pic - an absolute favourite of mine - who can reist a chip sarmie?  Honestly?  They are my best - lightly salted crisps on freish white bread with lashings of butter.  My oh my.  Yummy.  And of course anything that is 'yummy' in my eyes in turn  makes me happy!

Please pop over to the other participants in Team Up Thursday to see their pics!  

Marcelle and Kerstin

Thanks for looking!


Stefanie said...

You just need a few more chippies - that sarmie is half empty.
Great subject choice.

Lynette said...

I love both these pics...but find yours particularly delightful...nothing delights one more than your taste buds...that must explain why we adore chocolate...and it makes us happy.

cat said...

Great effort girl!

Kerstin said...

Happy - what a fantastic theme and what brilliant photos were you can see the happiness - I never tasted chips on fresh white bread so will taste it later on..... (unfortunately I have chips at home but shouldnt :( )
Love the totally different photos and the ideas behind - goo girls - cannot wait to see the next ones...

Marcelle said...

Happy...this is perfect as both def say happy to me..
Love those chip sarmies, but as a year ago I have given up white bread, but not the chips...wonder if they will taste as good on wholewheat or rye...*ahhhh I thought not...* hehehe

Cat pic shows happy all over it.

Well done to you both!!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh how I NEED that sandwich right now. NEED IT! :)