Thursday, June 17, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Wow, this week has really flown by.  So much excitement here in SA at the moment with our hosting the World Cup!

I chose this weeks theme, and the word I chose was Delight.

First up is Cat - how delightful is her pic?  Nothing better than capturing our children in action!

When I got Shayne's theme for the week, "delight" I was sure that I will have to scratch around in the good old archives - not my first option. But today presented with the perfect moment on the public holiday. At granny's for tea, the Lill' Miss decided to dip her chocolate lolly pop in her warm tea, letting it melt in the tea and in her mouth. She enjoyed it so much  - it was truly a delightful moment.

And mine:

I decided on Delight as my theme for this week as a follow on from Cat's subject last week.  To me the colourful photo's that we posted for the 2010 Soccer Fever theme said "delight" in every form.  But then the challenge for me was to find just as delightful a photo!  But, here is where having children does come in handy!  I managed to capture my 4 year old daughter climbing high up in one of the trees in our garden, and she was having a absolute ball!  It was freezing outside, i think the temp was 5 degrees or thereabouts.  But she is such a outdoors child, a typical farm-girl, and even the cold temps could not keep her inside.

What do you think?  Delight or not?

Please pop over to the other participants in Team Up Thursday to see their pics!  

Marcelle and Kerstin

Thanks for looking!


Kerstin said...

omg how cute and just perfect for the theme. you can almost feel "delight" jumping out of both photos.
Well done and great captured!!!!
OMG soo much to learn for me - I always love to get new ideas by checking your blog.
Absolutely brilliant both photos.
cannot wait til next weeks theme :)

cat said...

Beautiful delightful picture! I bet they'd love to play one day.