Thursday, September 23, 2010

Team Up Thursday

My choice of theme for this week was 'Natural Beauty'.

First up, Cat:
When Shayne came up with 'natural beauty' I half read it and thought I would find a nice anture shot.  Then the thought came to me that she meant natural beauty as in a person and not nature.  Well, she might?  And the greatest natural beauty I know is my princess, untidy after-school hair, dirty face and all, to me, she is a great beauty, as are the Irises that she is holding.

Gorgeous shot huh?

And mine:

When I suggested the topic 'Natural Beauty' to Cat, i had in mind something from nature.  But then i was going through my blog posts and found this one - if this is not natural beauty then i'm not sure what is!  My littlest get's so much airtime on my blog because she is at home, whilst my eldest boards weekly in town - so this is my other natural beauty.  I love everything about this photo, the light, the depth of field, the look on her face (so very her) but most of all I love this daughter of mine more than words can say!
And now, go and visit the other teams who play along with us weekly and give them some feedback!


Lynette said...

Both of you have beautiful girls...and you have captured their beauty well in your photos...taken with the eyes of love;-D

Andrea said...

Amazing that you both had exactly the same interpetation of natural beauty and I think you were both spot on, the girls are gorgeous.

Marcelle said...

How did I miss your post, I remember commenting, must have been your partners post yesterday...
I said to her and will say to you as well...both are truly natural beautiful...stunning photo's from both you and Cat