Thursday, September 2, 2010

Team Up Thursday

The theme for this week's TUT is Old - chosen by Cat.

Cat's first:

"I picked old/antique for his week as Shayne's picture of last week had that feel to it. I was planning to get my Dad's old single lens reflex camera out and taking a picture of it, but never got around to it. So I am recycling this one. Taken at Van Gaalen Cheese farm this skeleton of a piano is just so sad - all dusty and broken. I can imagine how it used to be played years ago - maybe in a bar  - I can see the cowboys and can-can girls or similar in the Johannesburg mine canteens. It just has personality."

And mine:

When Cat chose Old for this week I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding something old, as there are so many unused and discarded equipment round our farm.  The question was finding the right one.  This is the electrics and odometer from an ancient grader on our farm.  I almost think that it would look better as a black and white photo - but i took it in colour.

Thanks for looking and don't forget to pop over and see what the other Teams have been up to:

Happy snapping!


Lynette said...

Wow girls did it again. Well done. I love both photos and I also believe yours would look stunning in black and white.

Stefanie said...

Love that it is monochromatic. I think you'd lose too much if it were in B and W.
The detail of the rust and the aged patina.
Great job you guys did though, well done.

cat said...

I think one of our best yet. And I love your pic in colour.

tania said...

Super topic and STUNNING photos!!

Andrea said...

These photos match the theme perfectly and I can feel the history in both of them - really makes you wonder about where they started out - fantastic captures!

Marcelle said...

oh I see I didnt comment on your side but that of your partner...sorry!!!