Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept 7 - 14

My week in pictures:

Our lemon tree doesn't seem to enjoy providing us with lemons - so i was very surprised to find this one.
Peanut Butter Toast and Richard Scarry make up breakfast time
 She absolutely loves playing with 'chocolate' mud
 My gorgeous Snow Globe all the way from Switzerland
Time on the beach
I love it when my girls get so spend time with their Aunt

Oats cooking and the kettle warming on the Aga - every morning.
 Uncle Basil checking on the NWGA Rams.

And that friends, was my week in pictures.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Marcelle said...

That little girl of yours I'm coming to steal...I want to photograph her, she is a photographers dream...what a beauty....honestly she is someone that stands out!!

Love your photo's and the farm life...love the kettle and oats in the morning, want to come breakfast with you!!!

Lynette said...

Wonderful selection to give us a glimpse into your life again this week.

Lana said...

Stunning pics! Thanks for sharing!

cat said...

Oh these are beautiful. Some day I am going to have an AGA - I have such fond childhood memories of AGAs.