Thursday, September 16, 2010

Team Up Thursday

This week's theme, chosen by Cat, is Spring

First up, as always, Cat:

I love Spring, as I am so a Summer girl. But my favorite part of Spring, without a doubt, is my courtyard garden tha is filled stock full or Irisses. When I took a picture about 2 weeks ago of a single Iris for my project 365, there were only a few open, Now it is a mass of purple

How stunning in this photograph?

And mine:

When Cat suggested Spring as our theme for this week, my initial thought, as most people's would be, was to photograph flowers - isn't that the epitomy of spring?  SO i did.  But then this evening on the way up our drive i noticed this newborn calf sleeping quietly - and that's when I knew he would be my Spring photograph.  Calving and spring go hand in hand, here on our farm, as does lambing.  But if there is one thing I cannot resist, it is a newborn calf.  They are just so cute.  Long gangly legs, big mouths and all soft and fluffy.   Not your traditional 'spring' photo - but i love it!

And now, go and visit the other teams who play along with us weekly and give them some feedback!


Stefanie said...

It is a beautiful shot.
Quite moo-tiful and outside of the box thinking.
Well done.

Andrea said...

Wonderful shots Shayne. You are right flowers are the first thing that come to mind and Cat captured her's beautifully, in fact it could easily be printed on canvas as a piece of Art - your calf however made me smile and think of rebirth and all things "new" which is such a good interpretation on the theme so well well done, I LOVE them both.

cat said...

Oh I just love your shot - I was a bit more in the box. Great work partner.

Marcelle said...


I too would have done flowers....shows you boring thinking!!

Well done.

Lynette said...

Now that is thinking outside the box. What a beautiful photo you captured my friend. Well done!

Mariette said...

Really gorgeous picture of the calf!

Dawn said...

too cute:)
I never would have thought of a spring picture being a calf pic...but you are right! It`s perfect:) Makes me long for our spring.....
Lovely flower shot as well!
Happy day to you!

Linda-Maree said...

Love the picture of the calf - what a unique and different perspective - Lovely..Well done Lots of love

tania said...

aaag my moeder!! such a cute photo shayne, love it!!