Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project Life Catch Up

Some of my blog friends have been nagging me to show my PL weeks, so here goes.  I am completely up to date in my album, but very behind at sharing.  I have picked a few random weeks to share - I simply cannot go back and share everything that I have not!

So, here goes:

Week 26:

What Happened this week?  It was the July school holidays.  Lots of time spent with friends and family.  Date Night for D & I and a bit of a splurge at the Exclusives Winter Sale.  Miss Tina's freebies for the 3x4 insert cards, and Ali's brushes directly onto the photos.

Week 27:

What Happened this week?  We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary.  Fetched the girls from Kei, D rote a scooter for the first time, more friend action, a Movie date with O & I and the Wimbledon Finals.  Journaling cards are a mix of the Clementine Edition and Studio Calico PL Kit.  Cut out one of Ali's Love Today on my silhouette, and of course more brushes on pics. One 6x12 inserts with the scooter & friend action pics.

Week 31:

What happened this week?  Back to normal after my weekend in CT.  Homework, carpool, playing, vegging, eating and a picnic at The Dam and our puppy was born.  Very exciting.  No idea what the journaling cards are, bought the paper in CT.  The Everyday brushes are Cathy Zielske and the others Ali.

Week 32:

What happened this week?  Daniella made the Border U17 Badminton Team, I received my new flash (still learning), it was a long weekend and that's about it.  The brushes on these photos are all Ali's Messy Edge Day of the Week brushes.  Love them.  Very ordinary photos from a very ordinary week.

Week 34:

What Happened This Week?  A very ordinary week at home.  Some gardening, a winter walk, yummy food and self portraits (O's fav thing right now).  This was also the first week I used the Blush PL kit - I am absolutely in love with it!  And also my PL Journaling Pens (black).  I documented the first official Royal Family Pic (Royalist that I am).  Brushes again from Ali. 

Overall thoughts on my Project Life Process:

Design A is by far my favourite sleeve
I prefer close up photograps
I use Ali's brushes/overlays on most photos
My favourite fonts are Impact & Champagne & Limousines
Simple, clean, uncluttered pages does it for me.
My own handwriting
A few 3x4 journaling cards, mixed in with a couple of 3x4 photos really works in the middle row.
A brief synopsis, day by day, is normally included in each week.

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Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed creating :)


cat said...

Oh I totally love that you showed me your pages! Please do more in future! I also love Design A and Design F most. Only have 2 of each left so will need to order.

The Blush kit looks stunning and I totally love the brushes you use - somehow I very seldom do.

I documented the Royal birth - one has to remember these little bits of news

Great great memories preserved

Lynette said...

You are such an inspiration my darling friend. Your pages are lovely.

Marleen Swart said...

Just like you, I prefer the close up photography as well. Your close ups are really good. Love the layouts of your PL.