Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project Life Weeks 21 - 23

So we're into June already - and yet i'm still managing to fit into 1 Album?  I think perhaps I don't have as many inserts, or 'thick' embellishments, hence the reason my album is lasting longer.  Don't think it's going to work for too much longer though, i reckon by the end of June I'll be in my 2nd Album for 2013.

Absolutely *loving* this project.  I just never tire of it.

Herewith my Weeks 21 - 23.

I am completely up to date, bar some journalling from DH and a couple of pics from D (hostel pics) that i've given up asking for!

Week 21:

Page 1 & Instagram Insert.  Polly took this pic of her LPS (little Pet Shop toys) she is suddenly mad about them.  Other two pics are of her raking up the leaves, and then destroying the pile.  Journaling cards are all from my Studio Calico (SC) and Clementine kits.  Am getting into the swing of things and loving stamping again.  I have received a whack of stamps from SC, and am planning on using them often.  Instagram insert is of my cute Kitty enjoying the fire, Pollyanna's 5th missing tooth and 

The back of the Instagram Insert:  Dean making biltong, my Nachos (a regular weekend meal) and D and I at The Tavern.

The first page of the 6x12 Insert is a poem that D submitted for SACEE.  It was a joint collaboration between herself, K & I and we had a ball!  Waiting to hear her results.  The theme of the poem - I have a Dream.

Page 2:  Two fav pics here - the one of Polly with her bath toy container on her head, claiming she is a light, and the one of D - a classic studying scene.  Also love the pic of D&G - we were out celebrating his b'day.  Journaling cards are all Clementine, apart from the Love This one, which is from my SC kit (and documents the details of someone's first date :)

The back of the 6x12 Insert is The Kookaburra Song, and a pic of one that I took on our visit the The Python Park (a few weeks back).  Polly loves this song and i often find her humming it to herself.  It is rather catchy!

Week 22:

Page 1.  This is a very subdued week (colour wise).  I'm not mad about it, but it's done now and it'll just have to stay!  Brushes from Ali once again.  The first 3x4 journaling card is also an Ali product, the rest are all from my SC kits.  The stickers are from my SC kits.

Page 2:  Same again - the first 3 are SC and the last is from Ali -here is the link. 4 out of the 7 pics are about food this week - hmmm, wondering if i have a problem :)  We do love our food though and with the cold weather we're eating a lot more of our favourite stewy, slow cooked meals!

I love the Weekend cards you get - love to condense our weekend onto one card.  This one is avail at Designer Digitals.  I had to journal about the Lief! cake competition that ruled my life for a week!

Week 23 (last week - see I'm very up to date!):

Page 1:  The Wk 23 Card is from SC kit and the WK23 are thickers.  Some journaling about our week, and I'm also documenting D's thoughts on each exam (can't find where I wrote down last week's, hence the blank spaces next to each subject).  Our tasty stew for lunch on Monday, and a pic of me (taken by Polly) as she thinks I look like a bug when I wear my sunnies.  Thanks honeypie!

A close up of the freebie calendar we received with one of our SC kits, as well as a simple PL grid card jazzed up with card, washi tape and a stamp (Just a little Randomness from the SC kit).  Also some sweet gold stars.  Not sure where the Story card is from - was in my stash.

The first side of my Insert for the week - documenting Olivia's first visit/overnight in hospital.  I kept this really simple, just adding Ali's brushes and some text to the pics.  The Happy Together tag is from my SC kit.

This is the back of my Insert (Design G).  I dedicated it to a Flora Walk that Dean and the girls went on, on Saturday.  Dean did the journaling, and I added a flair badge (my SC kit) and an Ali brush to the photos.  The rest I left untouched.  Still in awe of the colour!

Page 2 of Wk 23.  Very general photos here.  I use the font Impact to print on my pics if i'm not using on of Ali's brushes.  The 'photograph goes here' filler card, and the dotty envelope are both from the May SC kit, and the other two are from the Clementine Edition.  Simply jazzed up with some washi tape, twine and a sticker or two.

I had fun stamping on these cards too, using stamps that i received in my SC Kit (which i've since cancelled my subscription to as the exchange rate is just out of control).  Newsflash, 8 and FYI are all stamped.

Hope you've enjoyed the peek into my Project Life - if you've any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Happy Wed x


Lynette said...

Gorgeous spreads Shayne. I never tire of looking at your Project Life.

I'm so not a blogger said...


cat said...

I actually love that subdued week! But I totally adore the red and blues and whites of week 21. ANd I would love to see week 20 (for some reason or another)

Unknown said...

AAAAARGH! I just love this so very much and it inspires me to WANT to do this. I will have to wait until next year .. unless, of course, I start with Isabella's 3rd birthday ...
The Wholesaler is going to start shipping PL into SA, so it will become more readily available in local scrapping shops (at long last!)

Unknown said...

that unknown is me - lisa-marie!

Emily said...

Love your layouts - and all those filler cards! They're great!! said...

Love how you changed things up over the different weeks, and great use of word-art.

Cerise Wade said...

Your pages are gorgeous. I love the color themes each week.
The poem on week 21 is so fun!

Linda Jordan said...

Love your pages!! I put food in my album a lot too, it all looks so tasty! Thanks for sharing :)

Fiona said...

What lovely pages. I love the subdued colour scheme you used in week 22. It's fun to see project life pages from other countries! Live looks different, and yet still so much the same. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog! Hugs xoxo