Monday, October 4, 2010

Sept 29 - Oct 4

A peek into our lives this last week:

 Polly and I baked biscuits on Wed
 Coffee Choc Mousse - too die for!

The first rose to bloom in my garden - this one on my Standard Rose
 Love how this Cake turned out!
We spent the day celebrating this darling little boy's Christening
First day of the 4th Term 2010

Thanks for looking !


blackhuff said...

Congrats on the Christening of your son.
That cake looks to good to eat. Yummy!
My blog link:

Lynette said...

You impress me no end my darling friend. You have really done well with this 365 challenge...and so beautifully done too.

cat said...

That looks like a super week. And that little cousin of yours is so cute.