Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 5 - 11

A peek into our lives for the last week:
 We had some rain on Monday evening - here are a few leftover drop on the blossoms
 Cupcakes for my Breast Cancer Awareness Drive
 Our wimpish dog hiding away from the thunder
 Transfixed by Guitar Hero on her DS
 My new Christmas Decorations
Pancakes for breakies on Sun - thanks to DH
 She completed her first 'proper' project this weekend - I had fun helping!

Thanks for looking!


Lynette said...

Stunning choice of photos as usual. I can't wait to see them all in an album...maybe one day soon.

Stefanie said...

Great photos.
No tut this week?

cat said...

Great peaks into your lives. I love those cuppies - they are stunning. And I hear you had good rain this week.Is that true?

Jen said...

Such pretty photots!! And those cupcakes? Can you send a few my way?? ;-)

Oh, and sweetie, have you input your city info in at LOCATION CENTRAL yet? It's the blog where you're able to see who else is blogging in your area!