Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct 12 - 18

Our last week in pictures:
 Chief Cupcake decorator (and taster) for Tim's birthday cuppies
 The lastest addition to my wall of clocks - a gift from Irene
 Dinner after a long day in EL - how I love their meals!
 Daniella, Jemma & Tayla (her 2 closest friends)
 Day 1 of my 2010 Dec Daily
Waffles with fresh cream & Lyle's Golden Syrup - is there anything better?
My first spring Iris.

Thanks for looking xx


Lynette said...

Polly is so cute and photogenic! Maybe you should show us the whole wall of clocks, I would love to see it. We are having woolies tonight;-D

All in all...wonderful do this SO well.

Marcelle said...

Lovely to see your weekly photo's...of course you know which one is my favorite...I need not say anything more....:)

Stefanie said...

I love it when Woolies have their lasagne on special. Of course I have to get 2 for my family though.
Great clock. I have my eye on a GIANT one at Mr Price with roman numerals. Have no where to put it but love it anyway.
Great selection of shots.
Thanks for sharing.

Past and Present said...

Nice to meet you Shayne.
What a lovely advert for syrup, can almost taste it.
And that puddy cat is too cute.
Beautiful photography