Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 12 - 22

Can hardly believe that we have a month to go to Christmas 2010!

My daily pics ....
 Love that my Agapanthus are starting to bloom
 All the teachers got very similar gifts this year
 Not interested in looking at the camera!
Such a serious kitty!
 Our AM line
 Such a comfortable B&B we are priviledged to stay at!
 Loving my new mixing bowls
 How cute is this child of mine?
 A wonderful birthday I had this year
My new camera is incredible
My new gorgeous (one of 2) cupcake stands

Thanks for looking!


Lana said...

Stunning pics! Boy you truly got spoilt this birthday! You deserve it xoxo

Charmaine T said...


Nice pics doll!!!!!!

Lynette said...

Stunning photos...and they are just going to get better with the new camera. I SO want to do the daily pics next year!

Lauren said...

Beautiful photos!