Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team Up Thursday

The theme for this week is Expression (chosen by me):

First up is Cat with her photograph and the story behind it:

Shayne chose Expression and rightly so it brought me out of my usual work and made me look around a bit. At the end, not a great photot, but a great moment. The princess and her friend Kaitlyn playing on Saturday - that expression of pure joy just touches my heart.

Is this not the most gorgeous photo - I think so!  Nothing more delightful than children having fun.

And mine:

I chose Expression for this weeks TUT.  Two reasons.  I wanted to do something different - as opposed to only using nouns for our TUT's i thought it would be a challenge to start using verbs/adverbs, and also, I have so many pics from my photography weekend that i'm wanting to use somewhere!  This is my favourite photo (as Lynette's wheels are her favourite) from our weekend away.  This coloured lady loved having her photo taken and was such a character.  As you can see from the cheeky glint in her eyes.  For me a 'ah ha' moment was that she was living in such sqaulor, yet wearing a silk paisley printed scarf on her head.  Made no sense to me.  It amazed me that altho these people have nothing (literally), they are so happy, lively and confident.  And i just love the expression on her face.

Thanks for looking and don't forget to pop over and see what the other Teams have been up to:

Happy snapping!


Lynette said...

That is a gorgeous photo Shayne...I know that one of the ladies in our fellowship would love to paint her when she sees this photo.

cat said...

Beautiful picture my friend! Just stunning.

Stefanie said...

Great capture.
Stunning lighting and wonderful expression.
You did a great job.

tania said...

stunning! love your story behind it all:)

bBchronicles said...

Wow, expression would be a FUN topic and you both did it wonderfully! Your photo has beautiful color - loving the green! And Cat's photo is adorable - makes me smile!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

It's soooo nice to visit your blog again Shayne!! I will have to scroll back a long way to catch up on all I missed.

Love your photos! :)