Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aug 9 - 18

My POTD's to date:

Pruned and ready to grow - hopefully ;)
Our other kitty, Pix
Freshly baked cookies ready for delivery
One of our newborns
The rock formations at Steytlerville
My first attemp at portrait photography
The 2 new pro-photographers!
Love this
Experimenting with my new found knowledge
Gardening by Polly

Thanks for looking and watch this space for exciting developments on the photography front!


cat said...

Oh I am already impressed!

Lynette said...

I am also very impressed. LOL! at the pro photographers...I was asked to take photographs of paintings today to be compiled for a calendar. I was so nervous...but it went very well and I am impressed with the results.

Helen Tilbury said...

Finally popping back in here ;-D Lots of lovely pics - your PL 365 album is going to be a lovely collection of randomness - can def. see in the last 2 pics too that you are gaining more knowledge on the pg front. It is such a long road but a lovely one to travel...