Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 15 to date

Am trying my best to keep up to date with my POTD so here goes:

Our gorgeous Wisteria has begun shedding her leaves.
One of my 2 little bookworms
Mr Mountain Bike
 They don't get fresher than this!
A common sight on our roads!
Sweet little Tash
 I love my roses but the start of autumn sees the end of them flowering.
My brother - The Chef
Her ritual is to watch a movie after her afternoon nap - now which one?
She begins her exams on Tuesday - i have an incredibly diligent daughter which warms my heart!

Thanks for looking!


Lynette said...

Love your choice of shots...the one with the wisteria and the one of O is my favorite ones.

tanyadeville said...

i LOVE the font used for "may" ... what is it?