Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 15-21

Herewith my last week in pics.  Today I took the day off and sat pfaffing at my pc and had a ball.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

Too many photos of this little girl!
Much needed rain
Nothing like a good cuddle
My littlest and her granny
My new hair
My Christening Cupcakes
How completely gorgeous are these little works of art?
The Menu for the Christening Tea
Thanks for looking and here's to a good week ahead.


Lynette said...

Delightful...all your pics.

I love the one of your new hair colour and you look very pretty with your clean face look:)

Love the one of you and O having a cuddle.

Stefanie said...

love, love them all.
you always have an amazing variety.

Laura said...

Shayne those cupcakes are actually little pieces of perfection!


Anonymous said...

i love your hair and your face and your cake art.

Charmaine T said...

love it all!!!!!!!!!

Stunning cakes!!!!!

reanaclaire said...

very nice art over here.. !